50-50 Guarantee

50-50 Software Development Guarantee

Our 50-50 guarantee means we'll beat any qualified bid by delivering the solution for half the cost or in half the time. We guarantee you will be charged no more than 50% of the total amount of your qualified bid from any other vendor, or that we will complete the project in half the time. Qualified projects include Windows or Web projects based primarily on Microsoft technologies and most database providers, including SQL and Oracle. The technologies we specialize in include C#, VB.NET, VBA, JQUERY JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, ASP.NET, SQL Server (T-SQL), Oracle (PL-SQL), SSIS, SSRS, and Active Directory. These technologies support databases and data migration, authentication, authorization and security, middle-ware and web and Windows presentation layers. Our work product is documented, well-written, tested with 90%-plus code coverage, and tuned for performance capabilities that will exceed your requirements.
Combine code coverage with unit tests and you have a recipe for success

How is Software Conceptions able to offer this guarantee?

After 25 years of experience we know that an Agile approach that emphasizes building out the solution based on priority, business value, and complexity first results in the earliest possible indicators of true success. Software Conceptions offers complete transparency. You will see the results quickly and often, so there will be no schedule or budget surprises. Software Conceptions also leverages tools and practices that lead to success.

What practices does Software Conceptions use?

Our solutions are based on GoF design patterns, refactoring, and unit tests-see Figure 1. We maintain an eye on the metrics of our solution throughout delivery. These metrics include Maintenance Complexity, Cyclomatic Complexity, and Lines of Code. Our own internal metrics standards are extremely tight—see Figure 2.
Maintenance complexity metrics are very strict-blue is great red is bad.

What tools does Software Conceptions use?

We use tools produced by industry leaders. We use tools for quickly developing algorithms like LinqPAD and tools for comparing databases or creating test data like the Red-Gate ToolBelt suite. We also use innovative tools like Balsamiq for prototyping, Fiddler for developing web-based applications, Enterprise Architect for UML modeling, as well as other highly respected tools for data modeling, data migration and much more. Most importantly we only use the tools needed to get the job done, and we have those tools.

What differentiates us?

We find the speed bumps so your customers won’t have to.
Some companies will start with a fixed bid then miss some deadlines and ask for more time and money. If your schedule is based on money then that’s all you‘ll pay. If time is the most important thing then we’ll make sure you meet those deadlines. The most important thing that differentiates Software Conceptions is that we know that success depends on how you consume limited resources like time and money. Finally, when we are done you will have readable, bug-free software with unit tests that cover over 95% of the code we deliver to you, and we will have profiled that code to make sure everything runs fast. We do that with tools too. We call it removing speed bumps—see Figure 3.
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